Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, I've succumbed to Twitter-mania finally. I've discovered that I just don't have enough interesting to say for a blog so it's micro-blogging for me now. 140 character is just about my speed. I hope you'll join me over at Twitter along with all of the other interesting peeps like Smart Bitches and just about every author I can think of. Cheers!

Here's my Twitter page: www.twitter/shannzu (Thanks Jessica for the reminder)


Jessica Kennedy said...

Would love to! What's your Twitter username? Might want to put a link to your site!

Beth Gray said...

thanks for this article.

I love twitter and spend maybe too much time there, but I have over 5000 followers I keep up with. My twitter name is bethgray_writer

The most popular writer on twitter is sirjohn_writer with over 20,000 followers