Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sewing Books: A Rant

An interesting new sewing book came out this past week called Weekend Sewing. It instantly piqued my interest and I browsed a copy at Barnes and Noble. I decided to check out some reviews prior to buying it and I can't seem to find more than one person who has reviewed it and actually tried to sew something from the book. Seriously people, how can you possible "review" a sewing book without having sewn anything in it???

I've read several reviews by bloggers who thought it was a great book and talked about wanting to try some of the projects. Huh?? The most important part of a sewing book is the projects! #1 - Are they interesting? Do you want to actually try it? #2 - Were the instructions clear? Were you able to actually construct the item? If you don't do that, then that's a seriously half-assed review. Who cares if the pictures are cute or the writing is clever if the projects suck or the directions are confusing? If anyone out there has actually tried to sew something from Weekend Sewing I would love to hear about it. In the meantime I'll wait and see if some real reviews come out and it's worth buying.


Drunk Girl said...

Check out this blog...she did tons of projects!

Drunk Girl said...

Check this blog!