Monday, May 26, 2008

Late Rapture by Jane Arbor

I scored some vintage Harlequins at a library sale recently and I finally had the chance to read one. My first pick was Late Rapture by Jane Arbor written in 1978 (as if you couldn't tell from the hair-dos on the cover). At 187 pages it was a quick read but packed with great information about 1978. Here's what I learned:

1. Apparently men just inform you that you're going to get married, they don't ask and you're supposed to be delighted.
2. Threatening to "make love" to a woman "against her will" is okay and not something that will land your ass in jail.
3. When the little woman gets hysterical just give her a good smack. That will settle her right down.
4. You shouldn't admit to being an uncommunicative a-hole until after your wife is almost killed in a car accident.

Wow, if this is what it was like to date in the 70's I'm sure glad I wasn't old enough to experience the "rapture".

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